RepQ: Generalizing Quantization-Aware Training for Re-Parametrized Architectures

Anastasiia Prutianova (Huawei),* Alexey Zaytsev (Skoltech), Chung-Kuei Lee (Huawei), Fengyu Sun (Huawei), Ivan Koryakovskiy (Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd.)
The 34th British Machine Vision Conference


Existing neural networks are memory-consuming and computationally intensive, making deploying them challenging in resource-constrained environments. However, there are various methods to improve their efficiency. Two such methods are quantization, a well-known approach for network compression, and re-parametrization, an emerging technique designed to improve model performance. Although both techniques have been studied individually, there has been limited research on their simultaneous application. To address this gap, we propose a novel approach called RepQ, which applies quantization to re-parametrized networks. Our method is based on the insight that the test stage weights of an arbitrary re-parametrized layer can be presented as a differentiable function of trainable parameters. We enable quantization-aware training by applying quantization on top of this function. RepQ generalizes well to various re-parametrized models and outperforms the baseline method LSQ quantization scheme in all experiments.



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