Contrastive Consistent Representation Distillation

Shipeng Fu (Sichuan University ),* Haoran Yang (Sichuan University), Xiaomin Yang (Sichuan University)
The 34th British Machine Vision Conference


The combination of knowledge distillation with contrastive learning has great potential to distill structural knowledge. Most of the contrastive-learning-based distillation methods treat the entire training dataset as the memory bank and maintain two memory banks, one for the student and one for the teacher. Besides, the representations in the two memory banks are updated in a momentum manner, leading to representation inconsistency. In this work, we propose Contrastive Consistent Representation Distillation (CoCoRD) to provide consistent representations for efficient contrastive-learning-based distillation. Instead of momentum-updating the cached representations, CoCoRD updates the encoders in a momentum manner. Specifically, the teacher is equipped with a momentum-updated projection head to generate consistent representations. The teacher representations are cached in a fixed-size queue which serves as the only memory bank in CoCoRD and is significantly smaller than the entire training dataset. Additionally, a slow-moving student, implemented as a momentum-based moving average of the student, is built to facilitate contrastive learning. CoCoRD, which utilizes only one memory bank and much fewer negative keys, provides highly competitive distillation results. On ImageNet, CoCoRD-distilled ResNet50 outperforms the teacher ResNet101 by 0.2% top-1 accuracy. Furthermore, in PASCAL VOC and COCO detection, the detectors whose backbones are initialized by CoCoRD-distilled models exhibit considerable performance improvements.



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