Random Word Data Augmentation with CLIP for Zero-Shot Anomaly Detection

Masato Tamura (Hitachi America, Ltd.)*
The 34th British Machine Vision Conference


This paper presents a novel method that leverages a visual-language model, CLIP, as a data source for zero-shot anomaly detection. Tremendous efforts have been put towards developing anomaly detectors due to their potential industrial applications. Considering the difficulty in acquiring various anomalous samples for training, most existing methods train models with only normal samples and measure discrepancies from the distribution of normal samples during inference, which requires training a model for each object category. The problem of this inefficient training requirement has been tackled by designing a CLIP-based anomaly detector that applies prompt-guided classification to each part of an image in a sliding window manner. However, the method still suffers from the labor of careful prompt ensembling with known object categories. To overcome the issues above, we propose leveraging CLIP as a data source for training. Our method generates text embeddings with the text encoder in CLIP with typical prompts that include words of normal and anomaly. In addition to these words, we insert several randomly generated words into prompts, which enables the encoder to generate a diverse set of normal and anomalous samples. Using the generated embeddings as training data, a feed-forward neural network learns to extract features of normal and anomaly from CLIP's embeddings, and as a result, a category-agnostic anomaly detector can be obtained without any training images. Experimental results demonstrate that our method achieves state-of-the-art performance without laborious prompt ensembling in zero-shot setups.



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